Snow Removal

Precise Snow Removal in Kitchener and Surrounding Areas

Mitchell Property Maintenance Inc. has the equipment to remove snow and ice at any depth. We do not service an excess number of accounts so that we can provide on-time and efficient service to our dedicated, commercial customers.

Over the past few years, our industry has been faced with salt shortages that totally cut off supply, putting our customers at risk for liability issues. We have resolved this problem by having our own salt storage facility, purchasing salt in advance should a shortage hit our area.

Sophisticated Systems to Protect Your Interests

Mitchell Property Maintenance Inc. understands the risk and liabilities that winter conditions can bring to property owners. That is why we utilize the latest technology to help mitigate liabilities such as slip-and-falls. Our GPS vehicle tracking system, our proprietary customized software, and handheld devices (Maintain-IT) allow us to create a detailed documentation trail.

Maintain-It allows us to keep track and itemize in detail the timing, tasks, and personnel employed. This data can then be consolidated to generate reports to support due diligence and limit your liability for a well-managed snow removal program. This management system has proven successful in defending liability claims in regards to slip-and-falls by being able to extract a timeline of proactive measures from the aggregated data. As a result, we are able to show insurers and authorities having jurisdiction that proper due diligence was applied to controlling hazardous conditions. It also gives us the ability to track customer season totals and generate their invoices.

Professional Snow Removal

All of our snow removal equipment is radio-dispatched with GPS tracking capabilities to further complement our reporting obligations. We have the tools and equipment to handle any snow removal need from sidewalks to large parking lots. Our service is on-time and efficient so you do not have to worry about lost business due to snow.

Service Plans

You can benefit from various service plans, such as:

  • Monthly or weekly contract plans

  • Hourly services

  • Municipal sidewalk clearing

Computerized Salting System

In 2007, we started implementing the Dickey-John computerized salt dispensing system on our salt trucks. This system gives us the ability to accurately regulate and record the amount of salt being dispensed. As of 2008, we became a member of the Smart About Salt program, which has taught us better techniques for lowering our salt usage, such as pre-wetting our salt on our trucks as it is being applied.


  • WSIB clearance certificate

  • 5 million insurance liability clearance certificate

  • References available upon request

  • On-board vehicle tracking and Dickey-John granular and pre-wet salt monitoring system

  • Computer-generated driver’s log resources

Are You Protected?

Is your snow contractor properly covered by insurance and WSIB to provide snow clearing services?

WSIB requires snow clearing work be classified under the highway/street maintenance rate, which should be listed on the WSIB clearance certificate. In addition, your contractor’s insurance company should be aware their business performs snow clearing services. Keep in mind that insurance premiums for snow clearing services are very expensive.

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