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Turf Management of Parks, Trails and Playgrounds in

Mitchell’s is an experienced turf management contractor. From sports fields, schools & public parks to community centres, fire halls and trails, we have the right equipment and management to care for all levels of public green space.

Our Services

Take a look at what we can do for parks, trails and playgrounds:

Sports Field Maintenance

Sports fields require a reset to new conditions or upgrade as communities grow

Rejuvenating and grading baseball infields

Repairing humps from infield to outfield

Rejuvenation or creating gravel warning tracks

Grading, drainage issues, topsoil, sod or seeding

Trail Building and Maintenance

Specialty equipment to build and maintain municipal trails

Playground Site Work

Playground equipment removal and disposal

Playground site work

Create playground sites to specification

Repair and return decommissioned sites to parkland

Commercial Sitework

From parking lot development, expansion or repair to grading, drainage and stormwater management.  Over 25 years of experience in all facets of commercial site work and excavation.

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