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Testimonials about Mitchell Property Maintenance in Kitchener-Waterloo

“Hardworking, Reliable & Professional”

Mitchell Property Maintenance Inc. has been providing the St. Jacobs Outlet Mall landscaping and snow removal services for more than 9 years. We also use Mitchell Property Maintenance at our other affiliated companies such as the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market and the Village of St. Jacobs.

We have found Jeff Mitchell to be hardworking, reliable and professional. He is easy to deal with and always has a practical recommendation to problems that may arise.

Due to the nature of our business, it is essential to have our properties properly plowed and salted in a timely manner. Mitchell Property Maintenance has attacked our properties on these challenging days effectively and promptly.

I would recommend Jeff Mitchell at any landscaping and snow removal task and I am certain he can provide efficient customer service and effective recommendations as required.


Tara Payne, Leasing and Property Management

St. Jacobs Outlets

“Consistent, Timely”

Mitchell Property Maintenance has been performing all exterior grounds maintenance year round for the Waterloo Inn Conference Hotel since 2001.

The maintenance consists of lawn cutting and trimming, tree trimming, winter snow removal of sidewalks and parking lots, and this company performs the spring grounds cleanup. We have found Mitchell Property Maintenance to be very reliable and consistent in providing these services. Their work has always been done on a timely basis to ensure that our grounds have a well-maintained appearance. As well, they make use of larger-scale equipment to remove snow quickly and efficiently to ensure the safety of our clients, guests and staff.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mitchell Property Maintenance for this type of work based on our experience.

Yours truly,

Mary D’Alton

Waterloo Inn Conference Hotel President and Managing Director

“Open Communication”

As property manager for a three building commercial development in Waterloo, I have had the privilege of working with Mitchell Property Maintenance for approximately 8 years on both the landscape maintenance and snow removal requirements.

The landscaped portions of our property are always well maintained on a regular schedule and any areas of concern that may have been raised from time to time have been immediately addressed.

Snow removal has been completed promptly and efficiently. We have also worked well together on salting requirements by maintaining open communication on the right amount salt to install for the specific hazard being dealt with.

I am pleased with the performance level of Mitchell Property Maintenance for our property.

Sanjon Holdings Inc.

John Schiedel

“Diligent & Attentive”
I have been using Mitchell Property Maintenance exclusively for both winter and summer property services since November 2004 at all of our Waterloo properties.

These (all inclusive) services include snow plowing, salting, shoveling, bank removal, fall cleanup, spring cleanup, grass cutting, hedge and garden trimming, etc.

In addition, they have done numerous concrete and re-landscaping/re-planting projects for us as well over the years.

In my 20 years in the business, I have rarely found a more professional, diligent and attentive property maintenance company as Mitchell.

Any time a minor issue Tenant complaint has come up (which is rare), Mitchell has quickly responded, attended to the issue and rectified immediately.

I would highly recommend Mitchell Property Maintenance for any service that your business requires.

Dean Verzin
Waterloo, Ontario

Snow Removal Customer References
We are proud to list some of our satisfied customers as references who confirm that even during the worst of weather conditions, they were never forced to close or delay daily activities because of snow conditions.

We look forward to adding you to the list of satisfied customers.

Contact names and phone numbers can be furnished upon request.

If you have questions about our services or want to discuss a snow removal contract, contact us today.

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